Create your Own Smudge Sticks

Need an instant shift in energy? Sense and smell are one of the quickest ways to transform your mood. For your home smudging can become one of the rituals that help you relax and stay grounded during a tumultuous time like this pandemic.
Isn't that hocus pocus- its really not all that sinister.  The burning of sacred herbs as a ceremony practiced by many indigenous people for spiritual cleansing. Smudging has been adopted by people outside, as apart of a new age practice. Along with oils, incense smudging has become popular amongst the self care and wellness industry. 
Mortar and Pestle Apothecary (@mortarandpestleapothecary) a Los Angeles based woman run business - makes hand crafted living smudge sticks, essential oils and incense. Her smudge sticks are uniquely beautiful- quickly being hailed as the couture of its kind with adorned roses, lavender and pink peppercorn sticks. 
 Sage wands are a perfect way to clear the air of stale stagnant, negative energy. Smudge sticks are useful as ever during covid-19. Diifferent herbs carry different metaphysical benefits as well as antimicrobial. Lavender is good for calming and accepting self love, rose is good for self love and giving and receiving unconditional love, bayleaf mint and cinnamon are good for prosperity.

How to Make your own Smudge Sticks with Shannon, Ceo of Mortar & Pestle Apothecary. 

Mortar and pestle apothecary owner, Shannon shows us how to create your own smudge sticks wearing gemstone rings from Armature.
Available in the New Arrivals section.
Source your ingredients. Foraging in your garden, neighborhood park or wherever you can find fresh herbs, pines and flowers to wrap into your smudge stick. 
Start with a foundation either White Sage or Palos Santos. Combine with fresh herbs, flowers or greenery. 
Try: Basil, Rosemary, Thyme, Lavender, Pine, Roses 
Always lay out your ingredients and set an intention before you prepare to bundle and secure with twine. 
Bundle your fresh herbs of choice with the dried sage on the inside of the wand. 
Use cotton string and/or natural twine.  
Wrap with hemp rope, cotton or natural twine rope. 
Set to dry over a two week period. 
 If your thinking of gift bag ideas or projects to do with friends- a smudge stick might be a great idea! 
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