Dropping the "A"

Before Andys fame, Warhol developed his signature style with a different form of design: commercial illustration.  

Andy Warhol graduated school with a degree in pictoral design. He moved to New York city and dropped the A in Warhola.  Before the era of Photoshop, ads frequently used drawings instead of photographs. Andys first work appeared in Glamour magazines 1949 story titled “What is Success?”  He worked as an illustrator throughout the 1950s, some of his clients included Tiffany & Co. , Columbia Records, and Vogue

In order to understand Warhol-the-artist, you must know Warhol-the-illustrator.

Two of Warhol’s most common subjects were shoes and cars — both symbolic of American consumerism that he would spend the bulk of his career investigating.


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