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Interested in meditation? Heard of the healing properties behind sound bathes? Ive experienced various alternative methods of healing and one of the most enjoyable experiences has to be at Five Sense Collective; A Multi- Sensory Wellness Experience Comprised of two people, Kirsha Cramer and Dru Erin Goldman. By reservation only with limited space located in a dome that sits on the cliffs edge of Malibu overlooking the Pacific Ocean; Dru and Kirsha give a sound bathe that brings you into a state of full relaxation using crystal bowls to the create sound waves on the golden coast shore. Clearing your mind and grounding- the five sense experience is out of this world. 
I sat down with co-founder Dru to talk shop about her Wellness company taking LA by harmonious sound waves. 
ARM: Tell us three things you want us to know about you? 
DEG: Three things about me hmmmm....I love rainbows, I love the smell of nature and I love assisting my fellow souls through guided restorative body movement and healing modalities.
ARM: How did you come up with the name Five Sense Collective? And What is the goal behind Five Sense Collective?                                              
DEG: The name Five Sense Collective came to Kirscha, my business partner, and I in my mom's kitchen in Hidden Hills. We were sitting at the table for about 5 hours flowing through the movements of building our company. Everything we kept coming back to was how we both so deeply believed that healing begins at the root of each neurological sensation; Sight, Smell, Sound, Taste, and Touch. And No matter the journey, circumstance or personal experience, each and every individual has room for growth and healing. 
Five Sense Collective is a Multi-Sensory Wellness Experience Company creating unique spaces, and holistic experiences for all people to heal and be vulnerable while exploring deeper connections with themselves and with each other.
ARM: Where did you learn to perform sound baths?                                      
DEG: I don't feel as though sound baths are a performance or concert. I don't feel like I am up there playing music for people. I am creating structural and intuitive healing motions through vibrational sound frequency based on music theory, chakra activation and my intuitive nature to read the energy of the people in the space with me. I attended a Sound Training in San Diego which went over the very basics of Crystal Singing Bowls. After this journey, I dove into learning and studying the Chakras, color and totem symbology along with taking music lessons in Topanga. I wanted to continue to build my knowledge of Sound and the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual reactions we have while taking in the healing nature of this incredible practice.
ARM: What inspired you to create a healing a wellness company?              
DEG: I have always been a spiritual being and have done yoga since I was 7 years old. Around 2016 I began to take my yoga practice from physical to emotional and spiritual while I was going through some hard times. I started to feel myself every day drifting more and more away from the fashion industry and diving deeper into my healing and growth journey. 2017 I went to the jungle in Costa Rice and completed my yoga training. 6 months after that I left my design job and took yoga full time offering my unique Restorative Practice to a variety of studios here in Los Angeles and in Mammoth. Towards the end of 2017 Kirscha and I met up for dinner and she had a very similar experience during the same timeline. We were so inspired by our own healing and spiritual journeys that we felt that we were being called to create a community that supports whatever we believe in and that is open for ALL people. Boom Five Sense Collective was born!
ARM: How did you so quickly become successful at creating a community around Five Sense Collective?                                                                            
DEG: I thank the Universe and My Spirit Guides! As soon as I let go of all control and expectations of the life I had started to create and listened to what my heart was telling me, everything fell into place. Every moment I spent working on something yoga or Five Sense Collective related opportunities presented themselves and fell into my lap. I feel that because I stepped into this journey for my heart and I lead with my heart that the Universe listened. I am so grateful and feel so blessed every day for the path I am on and for the path that led me here!
ARM: What mentors have you had that helped you develop your own healing techniques?                                                                                                          
DEG: I feel that every creation on this Earth has been a mentor and teacher to me. Everything I have taken in during my 28 years so far has shaped me and will continue to shape me. I thank everyone and everything I have come in contact with for all the experiences I have had as without them I would not be in this divine alignment.
ARM: Do you believe in psychic vampires? How can someone protect there own energy from negativity or these psychic vampires?                                 
DEG: Hahah! I do feel that there are some entities and/or energy vibrations that latch onto physical beings which can cause different types of aliments and misalignment, like a parasite. They can cause emotional and physical discomfort or health issues. 
There are lots of practices someone can do to protect themselves. One great way you can protect yourself is to visualize a protective boundary where nothing but white loving light can enter.
ARM: Can you explain the positive effect sound has on the body?                
DEG: A few positive effects Sound healing and vibrational frequency have on the body is that it activates the right and left hemispheres of the brain, helps rebuild cells, calms the nervous system, and breaks through energy blockages which helps with physical and emotional ailments.
ARM: What does life in balance mean to you?                                                  
DEG: Life in balance for me is when I feel in harmony. I feel in harmony when I feel unconditional love for all that is. For example, when I am in balance and harmony and living through my full heart space someone can cut me off on the freeway and all I do is smile 😆
ARM: Do you have any wellness rituals you do for yourself daily? What are they?                                                                                                                 
DEG: To be honest I don't have a ritual. I have tried to have a daily ritual but I have a hard time following rules lol! The main thing I try to do every day is deep breathing, help and/or be of service for someone else, do something for myself and tell at least 3 people that I love them.
ARM: What are some of your fav go-to wellness products?                           
DEG: Hmmmm....I don't use much I don't wear makeup or deodorant so I really only use 2 main products Hello Vegan Toothpaste and Baby Unscented Dr Bronner's Castile Soap, I pretty much make everything else.
ARM: Big city life comes with that fast lifestyle, what is the best “Reboot” for anyone suffering from lethargy or burn out?                                                      
DEG: Yes this city can really drain someone! There are a few things I do to help me stay grounded and connected to myself. Walking barefoot as much as I can helps me stay connected to the Earth, helps me be present and mindful with the steps that I take. Feeling the Earth's heartbeat with every step helps sync my heartbeat to hers allowing me to remain in harmony. Taking deep breaths, breathing deep into my belly through my nose and exhaling slowly through my mouth helps me when I start to get chest pain, anxiety or feel cluttered. There are a few other goofy things I do to keep me moving. I feel that taking life so seriously and always acting in a uniform way is unhealthy. I make it a point to do at least 1 really weird thing a day whether it's peeing outside, screaming as loud as I can (not in an angry way), or making funny faces at myself in the mirror.
Dru says she's an OG Armature Fan , her favorite pieces are the bullet collection. 
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