Building a Versatile Jewelry collection

When designing Armature jewelry I consider various design elements. What comes into play is material, design and wearability in creating unique jewelry that can be interchangeable and functional. 
The Orion collection has a lot of styles that work together to create unique looks.
Im going to walk you through how to layer your Orion rosary, Coordinates choker, latitude ring and galaxy glove. These pieces are easily interchangeable and buildable. Each piece made by hand in India using diamonds sourced by hand. 
Sasha wears an elongated Rosary necklace extra long paired with Armature dream catcher earrings.  
Sasha wears the Armature Rosary Necklace as a Bracelet and the Armature coordinates choker with Armature comet threader earrings. As seen worn by Janelle Monae.  
The Rosary necklace can be connected using the lobster claw to as many rosary as you want to achieve a desired length for wrapping. 
Sasha wears the Armature Coorindates choker as a belt by connecting two pieces together. 
The coordinates choker can be connected to multiple pieces to create a belt, or wear one piece around the wrist as a bracelet or around the calf for an editorial vibe. 
Sasha wears Armature coordinates choker as calflets. 
The Latitude ring can be paired with the galaxy glove to give an elevated look to the metal glove look. The galaxy glove has been worn by celebrities like Billie Eilish for Galore magazine and the Latitude ring was recently worn by Janet Jackson in Essense magazine.
Wear the Armature Latitude ring on your index finger, layer them together or asa single piece.  
Wear the Armature celestial necklace in layers for a major impact and paired with a coordinates choker. 
The Armature celestial necklace worn alone. 
The best way to invest in jewelry is to find pieces that you can dress up or down and wear multiple ways. This ensures your investment gets the milage it deserves.
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