DIY Farmstand Arrangement

Written by Sara Angelucci/ DIY Farmstand Arrangement/ September 28 2020.



Flowers just make a space more vibey.. Shopping from your local farmers market is a great way to get unique, beautiful, and seasonal blooms for your space. I'll teach you how to put together a Moody Farm Stand flower arrangement.
The blooms used for this arrangement are from the Encino Farmers Market.  

True blue eucalyptus smells aromatic and is beautiful, strong, and sits stiff which allows you to use it to create a strong foundation for more wimpy stems. It is a nice compliment to silver dollar eucalyptus which is softer with big round leaves. To create a moody floral arrangement choose greenery that has branches to create lines.






If your looking to create something minimal try using a unique bloom as a single flower in a vase. This highlights the lines of the plant in a simple and chic way. 

Or keep it monochromatic with greenery for a warm and fresh look over the fire place. 

Have fun with your arrangements,  when you bring your new babies home place them in water for when you'r ready to start getting artistic. Play around with different vase sizes and variations. Theres no wrong way to put together an arrangement, and sometimes the most opposing combinations of greenery and blooms makes for the most original living arrangements.  
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