Creative Process

The Mirage Lookbook Shot December 5 2016 | Photographer Andrew Kuykendall | Creative Director and Designer Sara Angelucci | Produced by Armature, LLC | Starring Avery Tharp | Casting by Damian Bao | Styling by Lisa Madonna | Beauty by Amber Duarte | Location: Various areas in LA 
One of the most enjoyable things about my job as a creative director and designer of my own brand is my creative freedom. My inspiration from inception to creation is cohesively my own when creating the product to the marketing assets (visuals) that go along with my collections. 
Below you can view the initial inspiration behind the Mirage Lookbook. Most of the images where collected over time and tell a story. When collaborating with other artists like photographers, makeup artists and stylists its key to have a moodboard with images to convey the emotion, style and in most cases the story line. 
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