Wearable Art

As long as I've been sewing and creating clothing, something I've done all my life - the best way for me to design is to get on the mannequin and start draping. As I became more confident in my skillset through experience I grew fond of diving into the creative piece by draping in the real fabric developing the garment on the mannequin approaching the piece like a painting.  

Below are one of a kind Armature garments. All fabric is imported from France and Italy.

For custom orders on one of a kind designs or commissioned pieces contact us.


Armature Look 1 - Lighting Dress 


Armature Look 2- Twisted Dress


Armature look 3- Cowhyde Skirt and Pleated One shoulder Top  


Armature Look 4 - Skeleton Dress 

Armature Look 5- Lace Slip with Asymmetrical pleated train. 


Look 6- Pleated Top 




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