Into The Glitch

Sitting down with someone you met on the internet is alway a risk....But what comes with risk is great reward.

After a thread of emails between myself and Los Angeles Director Meredith Koch over some time we decided to move forward on what was a passion project of hers.

Inspired by the Armature Duality collection Meredith dreamt up a visual treatment & storyline for an Armature short film & commercial.
Director Meredith Koch, Treatment and Photo of her working on set of "The Glitch". 


Meredith Koch is a director that specializes in narrative filmmaking and commercials. Her narrative is driven by the subconscious and she plays with non-linear storylines and bold visual themes. Her commercials are meant to liberate and celebrate the diversity around us. 
The Glitch is a collaboration between Armature and Meredith that came to fruition through a mutual creative connection. 

With the help from my friend Damian Bao, the perfect muse was casted- Valeriya Denga, a modern day Alice. Valeriya spends her time working as a music artist & model, she lives and works in Los Angeles by way of NYC. 

Armature Glam Team works on creating The Glitch Look. 


Makeup artist Edward Cruz, at Stan Brooks Agency, dreamt up an asymmetrical exaggerated one eye look inspired by clock work orange vibes he was getting on set. This look was perfect for the Duality collection, because it shows the two sides and duality of ones personality.


Edward referred Angel ( Jose Gonzalez ) and Danny Newsham for Hair creating  a up-do with a high slick pony and incorporated our inspiration for exaggerated edges.

My friend Renata Marchand, previously art supervisor at Mattels Barbie, assisted me with wardrobe on set.

When artists come together with a mutual interest and passion to create art, magic happens that precedes any monetary limitations. 

Meredith's story line of human connection in a digital world went hand in hand with the inspiration behind the Armature Duality collection which was inspired by two opposing forces.

One of the greatest things the internet has provided for artists is a platform to connect and create. 

Meredith answered a few questions about her inspiration behind "The Glitch"

ARM:Why did you pitch this treatment/ concept to Armature rather than another brand? 
 MK: The Armature brand spoke to me because their past campaigns were always creatively experimental and I thought it would be fun to anchor those aesthetics in a story structure. Their model selections were also very diverse and inclusive, which is important to me as a director.
ARM: What narrative are you telling in the Glitch? 
MK: The jewelry made me think of a futuristic sci-fi world where people were controlled by handheld devices. (Not that different from the culture we live in now.) I wanted to tempt the main character with something simple and emotional; the rabbit. Somewhere in this story is the need for connection despite the influence of technology.

ARM: What is your take on and how do you connect with the Duality collection?
MK: I feel like most branding is about one thing, one tone, one message and it's static across campaigns. Armature plays with new ideas for each campaign, which is refreshing. The duality collection is about the delicate balance of two ideas. The first half of the film is about control and the other is about release. The rabbit is the link and the jewelry is the expression of release. For me these two elements are in opposition to one another, but equally essential in life.
Stylist, Designer, Producer- Sara Angelucci
Stylist Assistant- Renata Marchand 
Armature Casting Director- Damian Bao
Model- Valeriya Denga
Makeup Artist- Edward Cruz
Hair Stylist- Jose Gonzalez 
Hair Assistant- Danny Newsham
Director- Meredith Koch
Producer- Carroll Middelthon 
Cinematographer- Mike Reyes
1st Ac- Joshua Cote
Loader - Chastin Noblett
Gaffer- Jihan Casquejo
Key Grip- Sean Hunt
Production Designer- Alisyn Ghivizzani 
Editor- David Kabisch
Rabbit Handleer- Cindy Mitchell
Photographer BTS- Daniel Doss
Colorist- Matt Osborne
Special Thanks to 
Marlow Nunez, Good Guy Grip, The Mill, Alexa Lopez, Geronimo Creek, Bob Foertsch, Jesse Chu, Bunny World Foundation. 
Music By Airglow by S.A.M Courtesy of Newretrowave
Future Vision (Futurecop Remix) By Waveshaper Courtesy of Newretrowave
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