A perfect Shade of Blue

August 2 2019

The first thing that caught my eye was the piercing blue that Yves Klein used in his art work. I saw it first years ago, on shelf in a old book store on third street promenade in Santa Monica.  The cover of an original Catalogue for his show gleamed a royal deep blue. I had no idea who Yves Klein was but the color made such an impression I purchased the pamphlet for a few dollars, not knowing- just how valuable and impactful his art has been.  From the official pantone designation of IKB to the vast range of projects, there is no shortage of homages to the late Yves Klein. 

Image: Cover, Yves Klein Catalogue, 1977.

Image: Catalogue Back Cover, Yves Klein Catalogue, 1977.

Image: Yves Klein Exhibition, MCA Australia.

Yves klein was one of the most influential painters of the 1950s. He is remembered for his signature use of the ultramarine blue he made his own: The International Klein Blue. Klein grew up in an artistic household but had no formal artistic training. He is reported as saying that when he was nineteen he looked up at the sky and realized the infinite, immaterial space surrounding the universe. To depict his vision he chose only one color, a vibrant shade of ultramarine. 


Image: Yves Klein, Anthropometry of the Blue Period

My favorite series of art by Yves Klein was his use of the female nude. Klein would paint models bodies and have them press up against the canvas leaving their bodies impressions behind. He crafted this piece into a performance in which his guest observed the nude models executing the piece. The events where known to be at times bizarre and comical. The concept represents a fresh approach to the method of figurative painting. 



 We can see how Yves Klein work has inspired the world of fashion through the work of designers like Celine and Alexander McQueen.


Image: Kendall Jenner for W Magazine. Yves Kleins Resurgence, Anna Church, 2016.

 As a fashion designer and painter I have found my own use for Yves Kleins color in my work. Below is a new fabric treatment & design I've been developing, inspired by Yves use of color and exploration of the female body. 

Image: Armature Fashion, Rope Harness. HandMade By Sara Angelucci, June 2019.  

Image:  Detail Shot of "Bleeding Blue", 2019. Oil on canvas Painting by Sara Angelucci. 




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