The water plunging into an unknown Abyss from the enormous waterfalls is an attempt to help move people past the grief and perhaps a reminder of the unknown that lies ahead. The never ending cycle of life as the water flows lulling us into a meditative state and is recycled through the fountain to fall again into the abyss. The mesmerizing water is a place of meditation giving us hope for the future.  Maybe we will all give peace a chance.

In honor of the 16th anniversary of 911 I wanted to share my first experience visiting the memorial this past summer. There is a strong sense of peace and contemplation at the two pools created to memorialize the sept 11 victims, in contrast to the surrounding noise and hustle of the city. Illuminating the names of the 3000+ victims around the pool at night.  The enormous reflecting pools and waterfalls each an acre long are set within the original footprints of the twin towers.

The site of 911 memorial is designed by israeli architect Michael Arad of Handel Architects. He worked with the landscape architecture firm Peter Walker and Partners on the design creating a forest and  two pools that stand in place of the twin towers.

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