2010, Hindry Art Barracks, Los Angeles, CA.

2011, Upcycled Vintage Capsule, A.Turen Boutique, New York, NY.

2012, Mirage Collection, Church Boutique, Los Angeles, CA.

2013, Armature fashion Installation, Moskowitz Bayze Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.

2015, Unisex Capsule Collection, Convey Boutique, Toronto, ON.

2015, Bullet Rings, Abbott Kinney Festival, Los Angeles,CA.  

2016, RTW 001, Capsule Show, Las Vegas, NV.

2016, RTW 001, Style Fashion Week LA, Los Angeles, CA.

2016-2020, All Collections, The Residency Experience Showroom & Boutique, Los Angeles, CA.

2018, Orion Collection, KoKoRo Boutique,  London, UK.

2018-2021, Duality Collection, Khaos Boutique, Los Angeles, CA.
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