At Armature we believe in authenticity and integrity over everything, which is why we are always as ethical and as kind to the environment as possible.


Our designs
All of our pieces are handmade, either in our Los Angeles studio or by our small group of artisans in India. We sometimes work with these experts when creating extremely intricate designs, as there are truly no better artists in the world for the job. Each maker is paid fairly for their time and works in clean and safe conditions.

Our designs are inspired by beautiful textiles that why we source from world leaders in fabric creation. Our manufacturers are located in Paris and Italy carrying social accountability certifications exemplifying their commitment to improving working conditions with companies worldwide.

The traditional fast fashion calendar doesn’t apply to us. Our creative process is methodical and approached in a holistic manner to reduce our carbon footprint.


Our ethos
We believe in finding beauty in unexpected places. Which is why our signature style is the Bullet ring, made from reclaimed and spent bullet shell casings found in the abandoned fields of New Mexico and Northern California. By taking a man-made destructive device and transforming it into a beautiful form of art, we are celebrating circular fashion and recycling in its most real, raw and rare form.


Our packaging

Every Armature order is sent out into the world in eco-conscious packaging. Our tissue paper, stickers and tape are printed with plant-based ink and come from FSC-certified forests. Our mailing bags are made from corn starch and are completely biodegradable. This means after you’ve unwrapped your order, you can just put it in your home compost.


Our impact

We offset our emissions with carbon neutral shipping, and always try to reduce our wastage as much as possible. Whenever we can, we repurpose leftover materials and remnant fabric from past projects, giving them a new lease of life.


Our experiments

There’s always room for growth, and as we continue to expand as a company we are looking into new and innovative ways to improve. This includes our current experimentation with mushroom packaging. It’s made from just two ingredients: hemp hurds and mycelium, and is grown in seven days. If everything goes to plan, we hope to use it in the near future so all of our packaging can be entirely biodegradable and leave behind no trace.



Nature is one of our greatest inspirations, so we’ve partnered with the non-profit environmental group One Tree Planted, to help bring more positivity to our planet.

 For every Armature design sold, a tree is planted.

 This means that by enjoying the beauty of our art, you can also help bring life back to areas that have been hard hit by wildfires and deforestation.

Trees clean the air we breathe, filter the water we drink, and unite us all in their magnificence. Something the world needs to hold onto now more than ever.

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