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Each Armature piece is presented with a tag, certifying its authenticity and unique series number. Every design is also titled, dated and signed by the artist.

There are two ways to measure yourself for an Armature ring:

 Measure an existing ring Method 1:  Choose a ring that currently fits you well and measure the internal diameter in inches & mm. Then you can use the chart below to find your ring size. 

Measure your finger Method 2:  Take a thin strip of paper and wrap it snugly around the finger you’d like to wear the ring on. Mark the spot where the paper meets and measure it in inches & mm with a ruler. Simply follow our size guide to find your ring size.

Armature jewelry
We primarily work with 925 sterling silver, diamonds and gold-filled findings. The best way to care for these precious materials is to gently rub them clean with a soft polishing cloth. Never press too hard or excessively in one spot.


Armature clothing

Our garments are created from unique and unusual fabrics you won’t find anywhere else. It’s for this reason that we provide beautifully handwritten, bespoke care instructions with every Armature order.


Armature accessories

Please keep all of our accessories out of direct sunlight and in their protective dust bags when you’re not wearing them. Remember - the best treasure often remains hidden.


Armature bespoke 

Our editorial designs walk the line between fashion and art, and are meant for the extraordinary rather than the everyday. Wear them with extreme caution as these are closer to collectibles than clothing. Keep them away from direct sunlight and store them safely. They are your future heirlooms.


Armature object d’art

 Made by hand our object d'art is made up of mixed media artwork. Our ceramics are food- safe and can be used for different purposes. 


Armature paintings

Original artworks suspend and bring life to any wall space. Keep away from direct sunlight and enjoy the energy that our one of a kind paintings bring to your space.  


Who is Armature’s creative director?

The imitable Sara Angelucci is Armature’s founder and creative director. Visit our About page to read her story.


What’s cut and sew?

Cut and sew is our ready-to-wear line. Each garment is hand sewn, from a pattern our creative director Sara has designed. The collection uses all kinds of luxury materials, from pure silks and satins to rare deadstock fabrics.


What’s one of a kind?

One-of-a-kind Armature garments are freely hand draped onto a mannequin and created without a pattern. Our creative director Sara approaches the mannequin like a canvas, creating uniquely beautiful dresses that are luxurious, both to look at and to wear. These items are truly unique - you will never see a duplicate.


What’s small batch?

Everything we create is small batch, which means it is produced and available in extremely limited quantities. This is better for the environment as it saves on waste, but it also makes the items much rarer and more collectible.


What’s bespoke ?

Armature offers a made-to-order service called bespoke, so you can have your perfect fit. After choosing the design you like and ordering it online, you’ll tell us your measurements. Our creative director Sara will then reach out to confirm we have all the correct details, and she’ll also share details of your unique delivery date.  Your order will take anywhere from one to three weeks to create, depending on the intricacy of the design. True art takes time.


Can I change the fabric on my bespoke order?

We design for the raw, the real and the honest. So if you like our designs but they don’t feel authentically you, reach out to and we can work out how to make the piece perfect for you.


Do you offer custom Armature designs?

For custom Armature jewelry, clothing or accessories, please email We can arrange for you to work closely with our creative director Sara to achieve your artistic vision. She will personally consult with you before creating your one-of-a-kind piece. This can be take place in-person in Los Angeles or online.


What is the difference between the authentic bullet rings and the reimagined bullet rings?

Authentic bullet rings are our original designs, made from real spent bullet casings. As the style has become so popular over the years, we’ve since recreated the bullet ring shape in new metals and plated them in silver, gold and rose gold. We offer both raw or refined, your choice.


Can I borrow an Armature piece for a shoot?

We are more than happy to lend garments, accessories and jewelry to stylists and publications that share our authentic feel and an avant-garde edge. Please email with more details about your request.


Is Armature for men or women?

Armature is a luxury unisex brand for everyone and any one. All we ask is that when you wear our pieces you are authentically and unashamedly you.

“Sara Angelucci is a talented young voice in the jewelry design game, and the world is just beginning to realize the extent of her creativity. I look forward to seeing the rest of the world catch up in joining the Armature army.”

Damian, New York


“Unapologetic. Undeniably unique. Bold. This is what Armature designs encapsulate and how I feel wearing my Armature bag, ring or necklace. As a woman today, isn't that what we all want to be?”
Olivia, San Francisco


“I ordered a bullet ring from Armature and I cannot tell you how many compliments I have gotten. Of all the jewelry I have, this ring is the best conversation piece, it makes me feel bold and ready to take on the world!”

Linda, Toronto


“Once my Armature package arrived, I opened the box (definitely an experience) and saw that I had made the right choice. The attention to detail, creative design and pleasant fit meant the Bullet ring exceeded my expectations.”
Marko, Los Angeles


“Armature jewelry makes me feel original. It’s super unique and the materials are long lasting, so you can shower or jump in the pool with it without getting it damaged. In love with the old (and new) things. Can’t wait to buy more!”
Dani, Mexico City


“I love your designs. I wear the Bullet ring everyday, can’t wait to rock more of it! And tell people about it. It always gets compliments!”
Marie, Toronto


“I love my bullet ring so much!!!! I wore it to a dinner and received so many compliments on it. Cant wait to order more.”
Meghan, Atlanta


“The quality and attention to detail is amazing! I always get compliments on my jewellery, and the ring fits perfectly. I will continue to order from Armature in the future”.
Tamara, Winnipeg


“Beautiful collection! I have the pleasure of owning many pieces, all of which are gorgeous and well made. Wonderful to give as gifts. Very pleased with the exquisite pieces.”
Leslie, Maui


“Sara Angelucci’s jewelry is gorgeous and easily transitions from street wear to formal wear. I love seeing new pieces Armature comes out with. It’s always fresh. A brilliantly unique way of looking at jewelry, design and beauty.”
Jacquiline, Toronto 


“Armature is a badass brand owned and run by a bad ass lady. High quality and unique designs. I love wearing her jewelry and always get compliments when I do!”
Jade, Los Angeles


“What I love the most about Armature jewelry is that it is unisex and easy to incorporate into my outfits. From streetwear to rocker chic!”
Mihaela, Los Angeles


“Amazing jewelry. My body is so picky with what I wear, but I can wear Armature without any bad reactions from my skin. And I get compliments almost every time I wear it! So beautiful and unique.”
Sara, Atlanta


“I love Armature designs, I wear my Bullet ring every day, and I always get compliments”
Marie, Toronto 




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