Behind the Design

The Armature 'Duality' collection is hand made in Los Angeles, California.  
Armature is focused on creating jewelry for our clients that makes them feel good. Our clients look their best and feel confident in Armature jewelry. Creating unique interesting pieces that are rare and hard to find. Each collection is designed as a whole so pieces become interchangeable. Versatility is a key Armature design element. 


Designed by Sara Angelucci, an independent artist- Sara studied at Otis College of art and design and graduated in 2010 with a BFA in Fashion Design. She was mentored by Kate and Laura Mulleavy of Rodarte from 2007-2010. 

Fresh out of college on a US work permit- Hustling as a working artist, Sara found jobs in Los Angeles working as a stylist and costume designer for indie and commercial clients, in film, fashion, theatre and music. With the bigger goal in mind, Sara registered her Armature brand trademark in 2011. 


Sara launched Armature in 2015 with Style Fashion Week LA. A complete runway show - including 28 full Armature fashion looks, jewelry and handbags. The Show was completely street cast, in collaboration with Damian Bao. View the Armature Collection 001 runway show here. 
Gaining recognition through international publications Armature has quickly become a favorite amongst the fashion, entertainment and art world. Creating relatable, interesting and thought provoking designs that are attractive, unique and with the finest craftsmanship. Designs immortalized by some of the worlds most recognized talents on and behind the camera.
Art and fashion enthusiasts have sourced Armature jewelry for their own collections often requesting custom made one of a kind designs unique to the clients personal inspiration. 
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