Dale Chihuly glass sculptures illuminate the New York botanical Gardens, in the bronx.  His pieces are interwoven into the blooming flora and fauna. This is his first major New York exhibition in ten years.

The NYBG installation was three years in the making.  The botanical gardens seemed like home to the oversized forms inspired by nature. His exploration and pursuit to translate color and light is beautifully conceptualized throughout the gardens.


One of my favourite pieces was the abstract Neon Sculpture. This piece boasts electrical currents and lines in beautiful chaos of color, reminding me of a lightning storm.

Replicating nature through a more abstract appropriation and by taking visual cues-Fashion designers, architects and artists have always found nature to be a place of inspiration.

Mimicking artifacts that are representational of the desert, Photographer Andrew Kuykendall captured the 223 REM Double Bullet ring and 223 REM Single Bullet Ring in front of Dale Chihuly’s large bright blue crystal sculpture resting in the fountains.  



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