It's not a Mirage

Doug Aitkens’, mind bending  Mirage house was located just outside of Palm Springs, California nestled into the mountains.  It was cool the way the house reflected its surroundings. Doug wanted to strip away the meaning of the suburban subdivision that scatters american landscape and shift back to the landscape itself.  Creating a dialogue between fast development and the landscape of the west. Reflecting the landscape in a never ending kaleidoscope of light and color.


 Photo: Lance Gerber

One of the most exciting art instillations last spring was Desert X,  scattered across the san bernardino valley sixteen artists lit up the valley with site specific art fantasies. The interactive experience of X marks the spot sent artist advocates on a hunt for the wide range of art instillations hidden in the desert landscape.

Photo: Lance Gerber

We captured the nuances of similarities between the Mirage installation and the Armature LC80 Bullet cuff. Both a symbol of the west stripped of its traditional meaning, reflecting back to the landscape of the west.

“Projected onto the west, his mirage represents a continually changing encounter in which subject and object, inside and outside are in constant flux “ (Desertx, 2017)  

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