Styling Session 001


If you can master the art of stacking you can discover the versatility  in your jewelry collection and  get the most wear - while looking sophisticated and chic . 


Stacking jewelry is an art, you have to have an eye.

Its about mixing proportions, colors and ultimately having the right amount of jewelry on to compliment your outfit.

We make it easy based on your personal style with tips on how to stack your jewelry.  Look your best with these simple styling tips from Armature’s jewelry designer, Sara Angelucci. 



Stack the 'Trinity' necklace for a rock n roll classicly chic look. Inspired by the Cartier 'Trinity' ring, the necklace has rose gold, silver and gold connecting round and rectangular shaped links.  

Hand assembled and made in downtown Los Angeles, each necklace costs, $380. Made from sterling silver, gold and rose gold filled sterling silver.

Wear it as a belt, bracelet or necklace. Stack em for high impact.  

Style Quick Tip: Wear your trinity necklace as a choker by wrapping multiple times and pulling the chain through the circular toggle. 




Stacking earrings has never been easier. Its about proportion, color mixing while not over doing - it.  

Match the Armature mini link chain earring- gold, $40 with the Trinity earring, $40If your style is minimal this style works great for a day to night stacked ear. 

Made from sterling silver, gold and rose gold filled sterling silver. Made in Los Angeles, California. 

Style Quick Tip: Play with lengths when it comes to drop chains. Put the longest chain farthest from your face. 


Stacking multiple hoops in different sizes, Yes please. The 'Orbit' hoop medium, $35 and 'Orbit' hoop large, $40 is perfect for a sophisticated bohemian look.
Dressed up or Dressed down- The 'Orbit' hoop is trés chic. Top your look off with a groovy 70s polished vibe.
Style Quick Tip: When stacking hoops playing with sizes makes for an interesting adorned ear. When stacking with the same size hoops on one ear stick to the smaller hoop sizes like the orbit hoop small, $30.  
Stacking rose gold, silver and gold together is a great look for the eclectic chic ear stacker. Same earring but in different lengths- the 'Suspension' earring short, $70 and the 'Suspension' earring medium, $80  pairs together perfectly to create a chic ear.
The greatest part is how light the earrings are, you'll forget your even wearing them! 
Style Quick Tip: Keep chunky earrings from looking overcrowded by playing with the lengths. Even mixing with daintier earrings like the Armature 'Drip' small earring for a diverse look mixing fem and masc. vibes.
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