Supermodel Heidi Klum wore the Armature Barbed Wire cuff bracelet in Maxim’s May/June 2018 issue.

The Germany beauty was photographed in underwear and biker boots, with the a series of bangles stacked on her wrist alongside our signature design. The Barbed Wire Cuff is made from interwoven strands of brass and is the epitome of tough luxe piece, making it perfect for the rock and roll inspired shoot.

Our punk-inspired style can be worn on the wrist like Heidi did, or on the upper arm. Either way it looks best paired with a defiant attitude and inner beauty.


The Armature LC80 Barbed wire cuff bracelet is hand sculpted and cast from an orginal mold making technique known as lost wax. Each bracelet is made to order, and is a great stacking piece. Embodies femine and masculine qualities and carries with it a comfortable weight. 

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