Single Pair Barbed Wire Ear Cuff Barbed Wire Ear Cuff

Barbed Wire Ear Cuff


Across the desert barbed wire is used to contain and divide. The only element in the desert that tries to control the nature of the land. The Barbed Wire earcuff is a part of the barbed wire staple collection, a group of necklaces, cuffs and earrings. Standing away from the ear the barbed wire earcuff attaches at the top, middle and earlobe. Centered with a pavé diamond encrusted tie.

- Sterling Silver Post and Backing
- 36 Pavé Gray Diamonds / Total 0.58 Carat
- Weight: 7 grams each
- Length; 2.5" Width; 3"
- One size fits all with adjustable cuffs

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