RAW Muslin Jacket


Our unisex one of a kind Raw muslin jacket has a soft double layered hand draped hood with white painted treatment.This jacket is completely biodegradable made from raw cotton. 

- muslin raw cotton 

- acrylic fabric paint

- silver zipper 


Styled well with

Chain Choker


Barbed Wire cuff bracelet -Black Rhodium


Galaxy Dress


Molten Gold Dress


Float Dress - Silver


Repurposed Metal Shield Clutch Bag


Barbed Wire cuff Bracelet - Silver


Barbwire Open collar Necklace - 18k Gold


Barbwire Open collar Necklace- Sterling Silver


Barbed Wire Open collar Necklace - Rhodium


Bolotie Necklace


Barbed Wire cuff Bracelet -18K Gold




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