Chakra Ring - Kyanite


Kyanite Chakra Ring. Infuse your hands with good energy. Small tumbled gemstone ring. Stack with the Rolo Chain Ring. 

Healing Properties: Kyanite is great for self expression and opens the throat chakra. It strengthens the voice, heals the throat and balances the yin and yang energy. Kyanite does not require cleansing as it does not hold onto negativity. Kyanite is a natural pain reliever, balances inflammation when used in conjunction with deep relaxation. 

Its structure and vibration makes kyanite the ideal transmitter of energy from one being to another. It can be used to increase telepathy between two persons and transmit healing energy. 

Indigo kyanite stimulates the pineal gland, and activates your third eye. Great for lucid dreaming greatly enhanced by this stone. 

Handmade in Los Angeles, California. Submerged in the Pacific Ocean, off the coast of Malibu to cleanse the stones and charged with positive ions from the California sun. 

Made in limited quantities as stones are hand selected, assembled & infused.

 Ready to Ship. 

Styled well with

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