The Joshua Tree Rocks Collection

Date: Category: Art

Take your first look at our creative director’s latest art series

Armature paintings are limited edition, one-of-one creations produced by our creative director Sara Angleucci. Sara’s schedule is incredibly busy as she oversees all Armature fashion and jewelry designs as well as our objects d’art, so new artworks are very rarely produced. It is for this very reason that we are excited to announce the release of the new Joshua Tree Rocks collection.



Inspired by the rugged, mysterious landscape of Joshua Tree National Park, this unique four piece collection pays homage to Sara’s recent visit to the Californian desert. The pieces are defined by thick paint placement and visible brushstrokes that are incredibly emotive and impressionistic. Each canvas is a combination of warm colors that reflects the heat of the desert and darker shades that symbolize the coolness of the rock. Allow yourself to use your imagination to see both the literal and figural emotion that the desert has given both Sara, and yourself. Do you see only rocks or something more? Figures? Shapes? Animals? No interpretation is incorrect.



What sets this Armature painting collection apart from others is a unique digital element. Alongside the physical canvas artwork, a corresponding animated NFT will also be issued. The NFT is an online rendition of the original canvas that appears to melt, sway and move like a mirage in the desert. Our art director, Sara Angelucci collaborated with Los Angeles based digital designer, Sebastian Baptiste, to animate her paintings and its the ultimate collectors piece. You can choose to keep it alongside the canvas for authenticity, display it in an online gallery or trade it freely in the metaverse. This version of the artwork is yours to do as you wish with.



“Joshua Tree always gives me an innate sense of freedom that I never experienced in LA. These paintings represent the power of nature and its undeniable beauty, warmth and strength. I want these artworks to be hung in spaces where they will truly be allowed to take up space and be appreciated in their full form”, Sara comments. “They are conversation starters that bring people together and ground them in the natural world”



On the subject of the new metaverse element to the artwork, she adds “The NFT element is something I have never tried with my artwork before, but I love the idea that my vision has expanded into the digital realm. The canvas can be destroyed or damaged over time but the code of the Armature painting NFTs will always live on”.

Each of the Joshua Tree Rocks artworks are oil on canvas and are available to shop now. If you would like to enquire about purchasing, please email

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