The Wave Collection Creative Process, Gemstones that sparkle like LA sunsets

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Discover the next steps in our most anticipated collection to date

W e just launched our Wave Collection preorder and the brand new jewelry collection will be landing online in the coming months, and in the build up to one of our biggest launches to date, we thought it was only right that we share even more of the creative process with you. Today, we’re focusing on the stones of the collections: tourmalines.


All of our tourmalines are hand sourced by our expert team in Jaipur, India, but most tourmalines are actually mined from Sri Lanka, Brazil, Madagascar, and Afghanistan. The word ‘tourmaline’ comes from the ancient Sinhalese word turmali, which means ‘a mixed color precious stone’. Tourmalines come in a wide variety of shades from orange to red to pink, with the latter being the starting point of our collection. We’ll be using pink tourmalines with brilliant opacity and color pay off to really make our first pieces stand out from the crowd.

Pink tourmalines represent love, both for yourself and for others. This makes them the perfect stone for sensitive souls, hopeless romantics and anyone that wants to write their own love story. The pink tourmaline also makes a great gift, as it is said to carry the feelings of true love and everlasting friendship. As well as radiating the highest levels of love out of all the tourmaline stones, pink tourmalines are also recommended to anyone suffering from emotional pain. By wearing the gemstone near your chest, its healing energies are absorbed directly into your heart chakra. Fitting for anyone going through a heartbreak or looking to heal their inner wounds with some unconditional love.

Our stones will be set using a marquise bezel setting, which surrounds the tourmaline with a thin metal rim. This metal is then folded over with a pusher, and finished off with a buffing at a pumice wheel and then a graver (a small cutting tool used to ensure the stone is correctly and securely in place and will not move). This type of setting is incredibly secure ensuring the longevity of the jewelry piece. It’s also very smooth so it will not catch on any clothing and can be worn pretty much 24/7 without any problem.


Pink Tourmaline Starfish Earrings

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The pink tourmaline pieces will be the first element of the Wave collection to be released, so keep your eye on our website and sign up to our mailing list to be the first to know about their arrival. For now, Be the first to shop the new pieces. For a Limited time only, receive a complimentary Wave ring with every preorder. Available on a first come first serve basis.

Prefer yellow, orange or blue and green? We’ll have pieces in other colored gemstones launching in future months. Follow us on instagram @shoparmature to find out exactly when the other parts of the Wave collection will arrive online.

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