An Interview With Our Creative Director, Sara Angelucci

Date: Category: Fashion

Discover design process behind her new Wave collection

To celebrate the launch of the Wave collection, we sat down with Armature’s founder and creative director Sara Angelucci to get the lowdown on everything you need to know about these striking new jewelry pieces.

What inspired you to create this collection?

I was inspired by other artists, like Dale Chihuly’s sculptural Rotolo pieces I saw in Arizona at the botanical gardens and Gustav Klimt use of spirals, gold and silver metals in his work. My travels to Italy and Mexico is where i saw artisans twisting silver metal not far from the artist, Frida Kahlo's home in Colonia del Carmen, Mexico City and jewelers working with twisted metal in Florence, Italy's Ponte Vecchio. 

The Wave collection is also inspired by communication and connection, even when that’s over long distances. I designed this collection coming out of two years in Covid, where I had not seen my family the entire time because they live in Canada. The coils I created reminded me of the cords on my families old rotary phones.

The colors of the stones are inspired by the sunsets over the ocean and the shape of the pieces are influenced by the waves crashing on the California coast. The seashells on the shore and salt in the air.

What challenges did you face in terms of design?

These designs are very unique and made in small batches, which is a difficult and expensive way to do things but that’s why the pieces are so special. So we pick all our stones by hand, and each design is made from wire and sheets that are hand twisted. Our particular pink tourmalines are imported as a rough stone to Jaipur from Madagascar, Africa. Each stone is then cut by expert artisans.

What was it like working with the team in Jaipur?

There’s an 11 hour time difference! But it’s a pleasure to work with expert artisans who can interpret and problem solve the production of my unique designs.

What is your favorite piece?

It’s hard to pick just one but the Starfish Earrings are a dopamine kick.

What was the most complex piece to create?

Since most of the designs throughout the collection are of the same coil concept, that was the most important part of the design process. It needed to be executed in a way the customer could wear it comfortably.

Who do you envision wearing this collection?

Anyone who loves to spend golden hour watching the sunset at the beach understands and is automatically drawn to this collection. These intricate designs radiate a simulated golden hour that dangles and floats on your body.

Which piece is the best for everyday wear?

Any of the rings are really easy to wear, and look amazing paired with the Pink Tourmaline Curl Drop earrings for day-to-night look.

If someone wanted to purchase a piece for a loved one, what do you recommend?

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