First Look At The Wave Collection

Date: Category: Design

Discover Armature’s floating jewelry pieces for the first time

S omething is coming to Armature soon. A new collection called Wave, made up entirely of floating jewelry pieces. Each one is inspired by the fluidity of water, the brilliant shades of the coral reef and how light surrounds the body and can be used to create the illusion of an extension of the body. Our creative director Sara Angelucci has been hard at work on these pieces for some time, and we wanted to give you an exclusive first look at the new collection, coming soon…

Inspired by fluidity

The Wave collection consists of rings, hand cuffs and bracelets that can be worn on their own or intertwined to create unique looks. Rather than classic bracelet links or chunky ring bands, the pieces are all made of one continuous piece of thin metal that twists and contours around the shape of the body, like a sculpture. This gives the illusion that the jewelry is almost hovering above the skin. The incredibly thin metal construction also ensures all of these pieces are extremely lightweight, so it feels like you are wearing nothing at all.

Intricately and internationally handmade

This collection is a global collaboration. All of the tourmaline gemstones have been hand-selected by our knowledgeable sourcing team in Jaipur, India. They collected a large sample of stones in different shades of orange and red, before working online with Sara to narrow the selection down to a few top quality, chosen stones. To make the metal prototype, Sara is working with Armature’s longtime casters in Jaipur, India. Brass is being used while the shape and size of the pieces are being perfected, and then once the design is finalized it will be cast in sterling silver and solid 14k gold.

Designed for your everyday

These pieces are still in the final stages of production, but once the stones are set they will be sent to Sara’s studio for cleaning and final checks before being shot for the collection campaign imagery. Upon release, we believe these pieces will be perfect for bringing an element of the avant-garde to your everyday looks. Wear them as a reminder of the fluidity of nature, time and your sense of self. You can be whoever you want to be in this lifetime and you can do anything you set your mind to

Keep an eye on our Instagram page for more sneak peeks of the new styles as we get closer to releasing the pieces. Also be sure to sign up to our Armature mailing list to to be the first to shop the Wave collection when it officially launches later this year.

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